Niagara Falls


A couple of weeks ago, I headed further west of the world, over to Canada and America for a trip to see friends and explore more of that side of the globe and I got to see one of the most iconic landmarks - Niagara Falls.
I stayed in Toronto for the duration of my trip to Canada, where I took a tour to the falls on the Canadian side (obviously) and being February, it was pretty damn cold although not unbearable and nothing I hadn't experienced before and there was snow absolutely everywhere with thick ice on almost everything too. First of all we went to place where they make ice wine and did a little bit of wine tasting, I'm not a big fan of wine but I wouldn't say no to ice wine in a hurry, it's delicious and they take on several students at a time to study there, making wine etc. Following that, we headed straight to the falls as no one was interested in taking a helicopter ride where we then stayed for several hours to have lunch and explore the falls and I have to say, they didn't disappoint, they're absolutely stunning. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're probably prettier in the winter with all the ice and the snow, with the river below being partially frozen, than they are in the summer and one of the benefits is that there less tourists getting in your way too - a big bonus if you want to take a lot of decent photos.
I managed to journey behind the falls as well as see them above, I would recommend this to anyone visiting too because you simply get to see them from a different angle altogether, taking in the sheer amount of water coming over that edge. It's just incredible. Skip ahead a couple of hours and we headed a little further downstream to see the big whirlpool which is pretty large and if you didn't know already, the river acts as a boarder between Canada and the States so looking across you're so close to America. After the whirlpool, came Niagara-on-the-Lake, a small town that is super cute with all sorts of little touristy shops such as a year round Christmas shop and a chocolate shop that sells the most delicious toffee apples covered in all sorts of goodies, I personally had an M&M one to take back to the hotel with me and I never finished it because there was too much of it.
On a clear day, you can see Toronto from Niagara-on-the-Lake, they're almost opposite each other across Lake Ontario.
Below are some of my photos from the falls;

I'll be posting more about my trip in the coming weeks :)


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