I really wanted to get these brushes when they were released for Halloween but it just wasn't meant to be until Unicorn Cosmetics had a glorious 50% sale for Black Friday and that my friends, is when I jumped on these brushes faster than you could say Jim.
Anyway, what's so cool about these brushes? I'll show you. They're spooky in a heat sensitive kind of way. When they're cool, they're darker and when they're warmed by your touch, they turn lighter in colour.
See what I mean with the colour changing? Cool isn't it?
The case they come in is also spooky themed which made them ideal for Halloween and I'm really fond of Unicorn Cosmetics make up brushes. I now own a few of their sets! They're such soft brushes and they apply make up well too, they're not scratchy like some brushes are, regardless of how much you pay for them at times. 
Don't forget to drop by and give their website a browse, even their lashes are gorgeous (I have some of those too).


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