December's Glossybox has entered the building! Okay it actually arrived like 3 days ago but hey ho.
So this month's box appeared to have a little bit of a rose gold theme going on inside, with the products etc and the shredded tissue paper too, which gave it such a festive feel and the box is pretty cute this month too. It's not the classic pink box!

1. NAOBAY EQUILIBRIA GEL TO MILK CLEANSER - Again I'm not sure when I'll get around to using this because I seem to have got something along the lines of this in almost every box and what with my sensitive skin, I'm warey of new stuff like this.
2. STEVE LAURANT PRECISION TIP EYELINER - I've already tried this and I really like it and I also needed a new one to move onto, so thank you Glossybox! It has such a nice tip and allows me to draw my liner well and sharp.
3. LAAQ & CO CLOUD LIPS - This has such a nice texture to it and it's also a really nice colour that got sent in my box this month. The rose gold packaging is so elegant looking too, I love it!
4. RAFFAELO - I'm not keen on this so I'll throw it to one of the family members if they want it, can I have another Kinder Bueno next time please? Haha.
5. SOAPER DUPER BODY WASH - More body wash! I'm actually really digging the name of this brand and I think I'm going to risk using this fairly soon, maybe when I have a shower next... It has a free from formula too so I should be pretty good going ahead with this one! How cute is the bottle too? I have to tell you how good it smells as well, it's delicious.
6. MODEL CO 3D LASH PRIMER - I haven't used this yet but I'm sure I will pretty soon, I feel like it's going to have a good effect on my lash look but we'll see!

I told you the box for this month was cute, didn't I? And did you see what I meant about the rose gold theme that appears to be going on inside the box? So now it's time to make the most of these products and look forward to January's box, it'll be a right little treat when things get depressing in the new year ;)

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