I'm really late on posting about this Glossy Box which was actually Octobers box but alas here it is!
This was actually one box that I was pretty excited for, just because it was a Unicorn vs Mermaid box and you literally had no idea which box you would be receiving in the mail. As you can see, I got the Unicorn box!
I love either, so I'm happy that I got the Unicorn box, not that any of the contents was different from what was in the Mermaid box. This box felt so full, it was mostly make up too which as I've said so many times before, that's my favourite part about the boxes.
1. KAWAII ENTERPRISE BRUSH CLEANSING EGG - Theses are fab things, especially for when you're travelling because they're small enough to pack with you but not only that, they really do help you to clean your brushes far better than you usually would.
2. BANG BEAUTY CREAM COLOUR - I haven't yet used this little beauty but it's so versatile and can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks and anywhere else you would like to apply it.
3. SLEEK CREME TO POWDER BLUSH - This was unexpectedly quite nice to use. I don't usually like creme blushers but this really does go powdery when you use it, something you definitely have to try to understand what I mean and the colour I got is great!
4. LORD & BERRY MAGIC BROW PERFECT EYEBROW PENCIL - Honestly I'm not really one to use a pencil for my brows, I prefer the mascaras and the pomades but I did find this soft enough to use to get a good brow.
5. MAKE UP REVOLUTION MERMAIDS VS UNICORNS EYESHADOW PALETTE - This is super cute and I was pleasantly surprised by the pigments of the shadows, they're much more pigmented than I was expecting them to me and I really like how the boxes seemed to be based around this palette!
6. UNICORN PHONE STICKER - I probably won't use this for my phone but I may just stick it to my iPad or laptop, who knows, it's cute though!

So as you can see, Octobers box included all make-up and one tool to help with cleaning make-up brushes. I'll post about this months box before the end of the month is up and then Decembers box will soon be on it's way to me. I hope it's festive!


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