This is a different kind of look and something that I've never ever attempted before but I was inspired by a make up artist that I follow on instagram - @Erikamariemua.
So the great thing about this look is that it hardly requires any products at all to create it, all I've used in this look is Illamasqua's skin base foundation, their precision gel liner in Infinity and quick flick of their Masquara too. 
The hardest part? It's pretty time consuming when you begin and perhaps using NYX Cosmetics new dotting eyeliner would make it faster, I'll have to try and get back you guys on that but otherwise it's fun and so different.
The absolute worst part of this look? Removing all of it. My goodness, I spent at least half an hour scrubbing it from my face, another reason to not use Illamasqua's precision gel liner to create anything like this again in the future ha!
I'm sad that the Halloween season is now over and done with but I still have a couple of looks that I haven't actually shared on here yet so I'll keep it alive for another week or so ;)

Now to move on and start to inspire myself to create some none Halloween looks that still have a pop!


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