Monster's Touch


I love doing some Special FX make-up! I don't claim to be amazing at it but I'm getting there slowly, I'm teaching myself more and more tricks and coming up with ideas for creations and looking up tips online. 
I came up with this idea last week, I've never done something like this before so it was kind of tricky to begin with but I'm happy with the end result and even got to freak a few people out at work with it, ha! 

I used a bunch of Kiko Milano eyeshadows for this look but they appear to have been discontinued or re-issued in another form/name or whatever so I can't actually list those to you because I'm not sure they're still available for anyone to buy but otherwise I'm wearing some Elegant Touch false nails and I've used special fx wax, latex and fake blood for this look.
As I get braver with my creations, I'm hoping I can push the boundaries more and more with each creation.


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