This is a look that can be repeated and repeated without getting old, especially as they always seem to bring out another SAW related movie, the latter being Jigsaw itself.
Anyway, I created this look several years ago now but only with some messy face paints and it wasn't my best work, I wouldn't even class this as some of my best either but it's and improvement on last time and it's timeless, I'll probably end up doing another version of it again next year ;)
Illamasqua Skin Base mixer in 01 and Daemon eyeshadow
Mac Cosmetics Russian Red lipstick
Lime Crime Styletto lipstick
Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette using Black Truffle
Rimmel London Wonderfully Real mascara

Without fail, every year, I see at least one person dressed as Jigsaw.
It's such a timeless look and perfect for Halloween.


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