Mad Hatter's Tea Party


I never really celebrate my birthday in any way, it's usually just family members and we have a meal out somewhere nice but this year, I decided I wanted to spend it differently and I've always had a love for Disney so Alice in Wonderland came about, in particularly the Mad Hatter. Not the cartoon version but the live action version played by Johnny Depp.
I've always wanted to re-create the look on myself and thought it would always end up being a Halloween look but alas, we held a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in my parents back garden.
Due to the bipolar weather that we had throughout August, we had to put up a big gazebo in the garden and thank goodness we did because the weather was once again unpredictable, something we should actually be used to in Wales.
Most of my family and a couple of friends showed up to celebrate and luckily, it was a great success, we dressed up, we had fun and stuffed ourselves full of food.
The characters we had were; The Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Dodo, Mad March Hare, White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Playing Cards and of course, the Mad Hatter. I didn't limit anyone to which version of the characters they wanted to be, we had a mix of the cartoon versions and the live action movie versions, which added a little twist to it. I of course was the Mad Hatter and I'll list the products used to create my make-up below the photos.

Base - Illamasqua skin base foundation in '01'
Eyes/Brows - Kat Von D 'Pastel Goth' palette & Nyx Cosmetics white liquid eyeliner
Contour - Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette using 'Flamingo'
Lips - Mermaid Salon liquid lipstick in 'Heart of Glass'

You see the hat I'm wearing in the last photo? I actually made that, out of cereal boxes and now I don't have the guts to throw it away as I spent so much time making it, the rest of my outfit consisted of mostly things from my wardrobe, luckily. I sprayed my hair orange with some fancy dress hairspray and luckily it all washed out, getting rid of the straw like feel that my hair had from the spray. I also had a really hard time finding white mascara to complete the make-up so in the end, I just used the white liquid eyeliner from NYX and brushed it along my lashes.
Overall, the tea party was fun and I'm glad I went ahead with it :)


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