Fenty Beauty


I jumped on the Fenty bandwagon. 
Of course I did, I love Riri and I knew she'd nail this line.
The first thing I've bought is the Pro filt'r long-wear foundation and it's exceeded my expectations, I have never been able to find a foundation that gives me such a matte finish, as I have pretty oily skin and can usually sweat it off/wipe it off by the end of the day but not with this bad boy, it's fantastic! 
Honestly, I'm so glad that I bought this and I'll definitely be buying more in future. 
So I actually this for nearly 12 hours the other day and I had no problems with it at all, it remained matte the whole time, none of it budged and I didn't feel like it was suffocating my skin one bit.
I ordered mine from Harvey Nichols online, a dodgy move to make because you can't always match yourself correctly but after much precision and thinking it over, I made the decision and just so happened to get lucky with my decision because it matched! My shade: 140.
The next time I get to visit a Harvey Nichols store though, I think I'll test some of the other shades just to make sure that there isn't a better shade for me.
If you're thinking of indulging, I highly recommend trying it out but don't use a matte primer with it, moisturise well before use and get a good primer to use before hand (preferably the Fenty Beauty primer as this will compliment the foundation) and definitely go in store to get matched if you can!

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