Lime Crime


Always been a fan of Lime Crime's make-up over the last few years, I have several of their lipsticks and I like how unique and different the brand started as. I felt like they were pushing boundaries for the norm a bit, although most brands are pushing boundaries now and I'm well up for that. 
I got this a little while ago, mainly because it was on sale with free shipping (such a sucker for free shipping!) and came in such a cute tin that I could reuse it for something else.
Anyway, inside are three mini versions of their liquid lipsticks in 3 different shades but sort of along the same tones so they fit well together, two of them being metallic and one being matte. I always find that Lime Crime's liquid lipstick leave such a nice finish and last well, as well as not drying out too much. 
There are several other tins available on their website ( which hold 3 miniature versions of plenty of other shades or you can opt for the entire bundle which is sold at a discount price. 
What are your thoughts on Lime Crime? I know there has been some rumours flying around in the past but I've never had an issue with any of their products :)

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