Hello Summer


I'm new to the world of Glossybox. I know it's been going on for ages now and I'm a little bit late to the party, some of you have probably been receiving these boxes for a while but I kept putting it off until last month, when I finally took the plunge and subscribed to Glossybox.
Why did I subscribe?
It's a bit of fun, I get a several product each month, worth more than the subscription each month and I get to try out new products and even brands I've either never used before or I've never heard of.
So this post is a little bit late but this is my box from last month, July. Hello Summer. I love the boxes, I can't bring myself to part with them but I'm sure I'll find some use for them in my room, probably pretty storage or something.

The wrapping of the contents inside is so delicate, cute and fancy all rolled into one, I like that there is a colour scheme with the boxes at the moment too, such a summery colour.

Moving on, we have the contents of the box. Here you can see that I received five products with July's box.

1 - MONU PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE SOOTHING AFTER SUN LOTION - I haven't used much of this as I haven't really been sitting in the sun much this summer to even catch the sun/burn at all but I did catch the sun a little bit last month. Although it wasn't really much of a 'burn' as such, I did apply this a little and it felt nice to use.
2 - BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS BANANA SETTING POWDER - I haven't actually had a chance to use this yet, I've been slacking with my make-up in all honesty BUT it does smell absolutely beautiful and very, very bananary.
3- CUTE BALMS MACAROON TINT BALM IN CRUSHED BERRY - This is one of the favourite things that arrived in the box. It's super cute. A tinted lip balm (slightly too tinted for my liking but I'm not so much a tinted lip balm kinda lass) in the style of a macaroon! How cute is that? The balm is lovely too and lasted ages for me.
4 - SPECTRUM COLLECTION SMALL FAN BRUSH - This is my first brush from the Spectrum collection of brushes, I've never used them before but this was so soft, just how a lovely brush should be and it applied my highlighter well, no complaints and has been added to the rest of my brushes.
5 - PAPANGA SPIRAL HAIRBANDS - These have had such a craze behind them but honestly, I've never really understood them. I'm told they're supposed to stop the tangling of a hairband when you tie up your hair but I get so tangled in them, I'm not even sure why. I'm sure they're great for those of you who don't seem to have my issues with them, ha!

Have you tried any of the products? Did you like them? Are you subscribed to Glossybox too? Let me know!


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