Girls Just Wanna Have Sun


Glossybox number 2 for me is now here! 
'Girls Just Wanna Have Sun' is the August box, filled with more goodies, more new brands to me and more stuff to use. Again the box is super cute and I'll be keeping it along with last months, finding a home or role for it, it's summery again with the same delicate and cute packaging inside.
I'm looking forward to what next month will have in store for me already, box wise of course.

Five new products for me, have you used any of the following? I got this Aloha bracelet hairband looking thing with this box too, it's pretty cute and bunks everything up to six products.

1 - VALQUER ICE MASK TOTAL REPAIR - I'm looking forward to using this, I love to have my hair in good condition and being a hairdresser, it's pretty much a must and an advert for myself to have my locks in decent condition. This will have to be mentioned again in the future.
2 - BATISTE 2IN1 DRY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER IN VANILLA & PASSIONFRUIT - I've used Batiste before and I do like the brand, I have problems with dry shampoo anyway, regardless of the brand, my hair is pretty oily and dry shampoo doesn't last long enough for me but I still like to use it! I've never, however, used the 2in1 before, I didn't even realise it was a thing, I'm definitely going to give it a try.
3 - RODIAL SUEDE LIPS IN BIG APPLE - I like lip products like this, they're handy to take with you and to keep topping up your lips with. I like the texture of this product and I love the shade they've sent to me as well. Going to be using this for a few looks in future.
4 - MODEL LAUNCHER SAFARI SUN BRONZER - I've not heard of this brand before but I was actually in need of a new bronzer so this was pretty good timing and I'll be making good use of it.
5 - SPORTFX TIME OUT FACE MIST & FIX - Another brand that I haven't heard of before but this is a face mist that is ideal for gym goers, something I'm actually not but I do plenty of exercise so I'm going to be giving it a go and see how I get on with it. It's supposed to hydrate your skin and control oil whilst keeping your make-up in place. We'll see how it goes!
6 - PURELEI ALOHA BRACELET - I think I'm actually going to use this as a hairband rather than a bracelet, it's too cute not to.

Have you used any of these brands? Did you get this box this month, if so what did you think of it? I personally loved it, looking forward to next months goodies.


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