I received this lovely box full of lashes recently from Eylure, it's like my birthday came a few weeks early!
I love Eylure lashes, they're always my go to (let's admit it, they're my favourites!) and I've come to grow close to a certain few styles they have, especially the long wispy ones that have a light lash line so that I can wear them without a flick of eyeliner to disguise that heavy lash line. Vegas Nay lashes with Eylure are also amongst my favourites, they're just so beautiful, in and out of the box, they make my face turn into the little heart eye emoji!
I feel like an eyelash queen with all of these beauties just waiting to be worn and shown off and I can't wait to get some looks created using the new styles that I haven't used before.

Below are a few of my favourite lashes that I always seem to turn to, they finish off any look that I create, perfectly for me. They're the longer and wispier lashes that I mentioned before, except 202 and 143 that have a slightly thicker line.

Vegas Nay collaborated with Eylure and every pair of lashes (although only 2 are in this photo) they're created together are absolutely fantastic and give your eyes such a dramatic finish, I can't wait to wear these out.

The enchanted range of lashes are going to be so pretty to use on my softer make-up looks and I can probably get away with using them for everyday looks too, along with my usual favourites.

Luxe is another line that Eylure have done, I've only used these once on myself as I usually take them to work me, they're popular with my clients when I'm doing evening make-up for them.

Along with the mountain of beautiful lashes, I've also received lots of brow products. I love a good brow and for every make-up look I create, I use nothing but Eylure brow products to finish and define my eyebrows. There's so many different products to use too, you can chose between the brow pomade they have, it's what I turn to majority of the time when I'm going out or I use the brow palettes too but I prefer to use the brow mascara and the brow designer for a softer everyday look. Their brow gel is a must too! I love that stuff.

Go and check out their lashes and brow products/tools, you can find them here. I use them all the time and I'm looking forward to my new tweezers with a comb end, they'll be so handy!


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