Make-Up Challenge


I decided to take on a 30 day make-up challenge recently on Instagram and thought I would break it up and bunch it up for you guys to see and let me know what you think of the looks created.
I have to admit that the daily posting is not going to plan because you know, life and all that jazz gets in the way but I will be completing it, just on a slower scale ha!
If you'd like me to post the challenge so that you can have an attempt at it to, let me know!
So let's do this in order...

Day 1 - Bare Face.
Obviously, bare face means no make-up so I'm not wearing any make-up at all in this selfie.

Day 2 - Everyday Make-Up
Everyday make-up differs for everyone but generally I got quite natural with my make-up on a daily basis, even though I do not actually wear make-up everyday. Here in this selfie I'm wearing Iconic London pigment stick foundation in 0, dark brown brow pomade by Eylure, Tarte Cosmetics lights, camera, lashes 4in1 mascara and the tartiest PRO glow to go highlight and contour palette.

Day 3 - Bold Lipstick
I absolutely LOVE a bold lipstick. I have more lipsticks than I can count on two hands and two feet. I'm wearing Tarte Cosmetics 'Acid Wash' liquid lipstick in this selfie. I love deep purple/red colours <3

Day 4 - Crazy Eyeliner
I'm using Nyx Cosmetics white liquid eyeliner to create this crazy eyeliner look and a black liquid liner that I actually got in Japan, which is SO good. Along with the eyeliner, I'm also wearing the Jeffree Star/Manny MUA collab lipstick in shade 'Daddy' on my lips. I really love seeing people experiment with eyeliner looks. Nikki Tutorials recently created a similar eyeliner look based on Perrie from Little Mix. :)

Day 5 - Sunset Inspired
I loved creating this look because I got to use some of my favourite colours, all the warm tones and to do this I used the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay and I'm also wearing Jeffree Star/Manny MUA collab lipstick in 'I'm Shook'.

This is the first five days of the 30 day challenge and I'll be posting the next five soon in the same sort of fashion. I hope you've enjoyed these looks!


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