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If you're one of those who likes to play with their nails or wear fancy designs on them etc, then this post will suit you. I got a lovely package from Elegant Touch about a week ago filled with lots and lots of nails for me to wear (amazing really as I'd almost run out!) and there are so many beautiful colours and designs that I can't wait to wear. There's a mixture of glue on express nails or the pre-glued express nails, which are absolutely fab if you're strapped for time, they apply so quick!
I haven't worn any nails for a couple of weeks, purely to give my nails a break and to let them grow a touch. I absolutely love wearing these though and I can't wait to wear 'Picnic Pincers', 'Shattered Glass' and 'Kitsch Claws' the most, they're so unique. 
I've also received some clear nails to wear and they're clear purely so you can decorate them yourself if you're partial to that and add whatever funky gems etc into them too! You'll notice some of the new holiday sets are there too, most looking forward to wearing 'Ibiza' out of that collection, with such a summery style to them.
I love wearing these nails because they're so simple to apply and quick, with such a clean finish. Due to work though, I often have have to shorten mine slightly to avoid poking myself in the eye or a client ha!

- House of Holland collection
- Romance collection
- Holiday collection
- Express collection.

Aside from the gorgeous amount of nails, I also got a bunch of other stuff which includes the necessaries such as some files, some glue and other nail care tools. This is all so handy for me for both at home and at work. Amongst the pile I have some cuticle clippers, glue, files, scissors, tweezers to allow me to add gems to some of my clear nails and some nail protectors.

I'd recommend Elegant Touch to the moon and back for anyone looking for false nails or nail accessories! They even have a few hair accessories on their website too, you can find more here


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