Skinny Dip


Oh my gosh! 
This palette 'Skinny Dip' by Jouer is incredible.
You just have to look at my swatches to see how well they swatch and apply to the skin, to prove my point about it being incredible. I'm actually wearing the 'Skinny Dip' shade in my selfies from Manchester with my friend, we both had it on and it complimented our eyes so much. 
I've never been so pleased about a sparkly palette before! 
The colours have such a nice feel to them and you can increase the pigment by using a wet brush to apply the product too, it'll give you more of a solid application. 
I find each shade ideal. Usually I can pick a favourite shade from a palette but not from this one, they're all my favourite and this is where I should be inserting the heart eye emoji. 
If you're interested in getting this palette, it's available on Jouer's website, here or on Cult Beauty, here. You'll also find the rest of this collection on both sites, sadly I haven't got around to getting any of it yet but I am eyeing it up.

I'm going to be doing a 30 day make-up challenge on my instagram account that I've come across and I'm thinking of sharing the posts on here with you too. Watch this space :) 


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