Naked Heat


Now I am a total UD Naked junkie and how friggin' lucky am I to have this palete before the general release!? 
I can't believe I managed to get it.
So, this new palette by Urban Decay, Naked Heat, has taken to my number 1 spot for the palettes. It used to be Naked 3 but moving that one down to number 2, sorry palette. 
Moving on, look at the colours that this little baby has! Such a sucker for warmer tones when it comes to the eyes and I'm surprised by how well they all swatched with my finger, especially the metallics. I wore this palette on my eyes the other day for one of my 30 day make-up challenge photos, which you can find on my instagram, go ahead and take a look if you're wondering how well it blends out on the eyes etc. 
On a final note, the packaging is also so beautiful.

What do you think? The palette goes on sale on Urban Decays website soon, end of July/beginning of August is what I heard when I asked in Debenhams.


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