I have so much love for this company -  Tarte Cosmetics.
They're super friendly, helpful, cute and have fantastic products. I've order a fair amount from these guys over time, mostly palettes for my kit - which are amazing in so many ways - but I'm not talking about them in this post. I'm talking about the Maracuja oil I just received.
I've been eyeing the oil up for a while but have been a bit reluctant to buy it, however I came across a travel size version on their site and thought, 'hey why not?'. I drink a lot of water so I'm always hydrated well but that doesn't always mean that my skin is too. You see, I have oily skin but it still likes to flake and it doesn't matter how much I moisturise, sometimes it's just not enough.
I've tried this and my skin feels SO good. It's softer without feeling greasy and I can already see how hydrated my skin looks.
I'm honestly going to have to stock up on this to supply myself for the rest of my life. It's top notch!
If you're interested, you can find it here. Tarte also have a bunch of other Maracuja products available, which I also need to try out.

P.S. I got a small version of their 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' 4 in 1 mascara which was on offer at checkout and I love that too! Not to mention the packaging is pretty. Tarte also packaged everything up in the CUTEST Unicorn tissue paper!


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