Diamond Crushers


Lime Crime is one of my favourite brands, they're always a step ahead of everyone else.
I got 4 of their Diamond Crushers back in December at Beauty con London and they're so good, being worn on their own or as a lip topper, either works and looks fab. The colours I got are 'Trip, Fluke, Dope & Choke'.
The pigments are strong but not over whelming so they don't wipe out the colour being worn underneath them if being used as a lip topper.
Did I mention that they also smell DIVINE? Well, they do and I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging.
Lime Crime have recently brought out a few new shades amongst their Diamond Crushers range, so I'm definitely planning on bagging those at some point too.

 From left to right: Trip, Fluke, Dope, Choke.
Top left: Trip
Top right: Fluke
Bottom left: Dope
Bottom right: Choke

Diamond Crushers can be found on Lime Crime and Cult Beauty.


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