Tokyo Mini Haul


Yesterday, I did a light spot of shopping in Harajuku. It's a fantastic place to shop, there's so much there and everything is so unique and quirky, exactly what I love! Probably going to have to head back before I fly home.
So what did I buy exactly? Some new lashes and liquid eyeliner. Not a lot of stuff but the lashes are some of which I was admiring before I even got here, I spotted them online and crossed my fingers that I would find them. They're Sailor Moon lashes. They didn't have all 5 types, Sailor Moon was missing so I picked up Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars lashes instead (the best two anyway!).
Both sets of lashes have a touch of colour towards the outer edge of the lashes, both colours relate to each sailor :)
Along with the lashes, I picked up some new liquid liner. I'm running low on this anyway so it was more of a top up as well as an excuse to buy a foreign brand, I can't wait to try it! 


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