Shibuya Crossing


Ever heard of Shibuya crossing in Tokyo? I bet you have. I'm back home now after 2 weeks in Asia, visiting both Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan but I'm still going to throw posts up for you as I never had the time to do so out there so much, I was busy, busy, busy. As I was saying, Shibuya crossing... The chances are, you've heard of it, even if you don't recognise the name. It's a huge crossing in Tokyo where hundreds of people cross at a time, it's a little bit nuts. There's a Starbucks that everyone flocks to, in front of it because you can watch out of the windows from above as everyone begins to cross and it's quite therapeutic to watch. I spent a while in there with my delicious matcha frappuccino and in between snapping a few photos of the madness, I filmed a time lapse on my phone of a couple of crossings. About 10 minutes worth of footage shrunk down to 18 seconds.


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