Chubby Mermaid Brush


I put an order in for one of the original 'chubby mermaid' brushes that is taking make-up lovers by storm and it arrived just last week, after arriving home from my travels. Oh my gosh. It's honestly one of the cutest brushes, as well as being super soft and a decent brush to use. I applied my foundation with it and it was as good as using my Illamasqua 'round buffing brush', which gives me my best application for foundation. I've never got along with the standard flat foundation brush for application so they're designated to primer applications in my kit. Anyway moving back to the chubby mermaid brush, it comes in several colours; rose gold, silver, aqua, matte black & their most recent, galax-sea which is a purple/pink ombré effect.
I chose the rose gold brush & I love it. Mermaid Salon are a indie brand with unique style and even their own liquid lipsticks, which they are currently sending one of as a free gift with any chubby mermaid brush ordered.
You can find everything here!

The lipstick shade sent to me was 'Heart of Glass' as shown in the swatch below :)


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