Sonic Blue GravityMud


 A little while ago, I posted about my purchase of GlamGlow's limited edition Sonic Blue GavityMud mask. Well, it arrived and so did their silver one (which I haven't yet tried) and I'm pleasantly surprised by how many applications you can get out of the pot, it doesn't seem a lot when you open it but once you start to apply it, you notice how little you're really taking. Anyway, I'm currently in Beijing and after long haul flights, my skin feels like a prune (over exaggerating, I know lol) and I'm usually lathering my face in moisturiser so this time, I have my mask.
I've not long rinsed the mask off and my skin feels beautiful, so soft and almost back to normal. So glad that I plunged into getting this mask, I'd 100% recommend it but please do be careful if you have sensitive skin like myself, do a test area first as I did :)
All in all, I'm going to keep myself topped up with this mask, both the silver and blue are the same. I'm impressed with how nice my skin is feeling after 10+ hour flight. Would recommend this mask to you all, to be honest.

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