Pastel Goth


Ah! I got my paws on the new Kat Von D palette that is 'Pastel Goth'! One of my ever so kind friends brought it over from the states with her when we met up on the weekend, I've been so excited to receive it. It's a beautiful palette, will be sure to post some looks using it in the coming days.
I've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks so I haven't had half as much time to blog as I wanted and with being in London over the weekend, it's delayed me more.
But getting back on track, this palette has 8 beautiful pastel shades, from left to right in the photo below, we have; Star, Clementine, Meow, Dope, Doom, Gloom, Dagger & Skull.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
I'll get some more posts up before I leave for Beijing next week!

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