Donghuamen Food Market Beijing


Hello from Beijing!
I've had a hectic but awesome few days so far here in Beijing, we're leaving for Tokyo in 2 days though, I can't wait to see Japan.
China is so wonderful, I think it's safe to say that I would never rule out returning here, there's so much to see and the culture is so interesting, not to mention the remarkable architecture.
The other day, my friend and I took a trip down to Donghuamen food market which opens up in the evenings and at this food market, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful foods to try. We didn't have the guts to try anything though, I found the smells of some of the food pretty off putting but we did try a funky drink which bubbled and smoked with dry ice!
The foods you can find here at this weird and wonderful market range from little scorpions, big scorpions, cows stomach and starfish etc, I've read that you may even be able to get tarantulas there at times but I didn't see any. I'd highly recommend going to this street, just to see what they have and feel the vibe! There's certainly nothing like this at home in the UK.
I went to the Great Wall of China yesterday, along with the Ming tombs, a jade factory and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony but I'll save that for another post.


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